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Not sure why your water heater isn't working? Call us - we're here to help! (949) 822-8229
Not sure why your water heater isn't working? Call us - we're here to help! (949) 822-8229

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New hot water heater installations starting at $1,599

Get up to $1,300 in rebates on installation of a new tankless

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HomeBreeze offers low upfront prices, instant scheduling, and guaranteed quality. Here’s how we do it:

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Nortiz 663 Tankless Water Heater

HomeBreeze's prices are guaranteed and are more affordable than traditional plumbers

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Gas water heaters are the most common in the Los Angeles area. We install leading brands in all major sizes.

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What's included?

  • Your brand new water heater
  • Delivery of your new unit
  • Professional installation from a licensed plumber
  • All connectors, elements, and other parts needed for installation
  • Free draining, hauling, and disposal of your old unit
  • Assistance filing for local permits, when needed

Pay after installation

  • No upfront payments — pay with credit, debit or check after the installation
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Comparing prices?

We’re so confident we offer the best price that if we can’t beat a like-for-like quote, we’ll give you a $100 Amazon gift card.

Most plumbers won’t share prices without coming onsite. Often, once work starts, your price will increase because of “extra” parts or “unexpected” work.

HomeBreeze offers all-inclusive prices. We don’t have any added charges. We honor our online prices, even if it means taking a loss.

You have questions, we have answers.

What’s included in your prices?
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Everything you need for your hot water heater replacement. This includes a new, professional-grade hot water heater, the additional parts needed for installation, including sediment traps, piping, etc, delivery of the unit, professional installation, and draining and removal of the old unit. The price you see online is the price you pay.

What’s not included?
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Rarely, we’ll find something during a water heater installation that’s outside of our scope of work which we recommend fixing. If that ever happens, we’ll give you an estimate, and it’s always up to the homeowner to decide whether they want to do that work. A few examples of things we’ve seen:

  • Drywall mold and rot issues caused by leaking water heater
  • Unsafe venting for gas water heater units
  • Out of code plumbing
How do you save me money?
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HomeBreeze is building a direct-to-consumer water heater brand. We save you money a few ways. First, we buy direct from the manufacturer, so we can get prices 10-15% lower than you’d pay. Second, we send work directly to our trusted network of plumbers. They don’t have to deal with lead generation, so they give us great prices we pass along to you.

How do I know you have the best prices?
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We pride ourselves on being upfront with our prices and business model. If you call other plumbers, many will tell you they need to see the unit first or quote a low price just to tack-on additional costs later. We’re so confident our prices can’t be beat that we offer a price guarantee: if you find a like-for-like quote that we can’t match, we’ll give you a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

Should I install a tankless?
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Tankless water heaters offer a number of benefits, including unlimited hot water and energy savings. But, they also come with a couple of drawbacks, including a small wait time for hot water, larger yearly maintenance requirements, and a larger up-front installation cost.

We're happy to walk you through the pros and cons, call our team at 949-822-8229.

Why does tankless cost more?
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Tankless units cost more to install for a number of reasons. First, the units are generally more expensive, as they're a bit more complex. Second, to install a tankless unit, there are often changes required to four major systems: your gas piping, venting, water supply lines, and electricity. We try to minimize the changes to keep costs reasonable, and when you book we'll call you to get more details on your current set-up.